The battery supplies the necessary current to the starter motor as well as the ignition system to start the engine. Modern vehicles have computer controlled systems that require a steady supply of electricity to properly perform their function. If your vehicle’s battery is faulty or near its end, those systems will perform poorly or even fail to perform. Hi Way Bande can test the battery of your vehicle as well as supply and install a new battery.

There is a 2 year warranty on most of the batteries we supply. Heavy duty, as well as deep cycle batteries have a 1 year warranty and motor cycle batteries have a 6 month warranty.

Hi Way Bande offers:

Raylite Batteries – industry-leading with a full range of batteries for any vehicle, passenger, 4×4, SUV, heavy commercial, and with warranties nationwide.

Exide Batteries – offering a range of reliable locally manufactured batteries in South Africa for vehicles from trucks to cars as well as motorbikes, boats, quads and jet skis.