Exhausts & Tow Bars

Exhausts & Tow Bars

The purpose of the exhaust system on your vehicle is to carry harmful gases away from the engine. This is done through a system of pipes and silencers mounted on the engine manifold and running underneath the car, right up to the rear where these gases are released into the atmosphere. The exhaust system is also one of the systems working the hardest and should be maintained properly.

Not only does the exhaust system keep harmful fumes from the passenger cabin of the vehicle, but it also enhances fuel efficiency and dramatically reduces engine noise.

Signs that your vehicle’s exhaust needs repair:

  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Vibrations from the steering wheel as well as the fuel pedal
  • Increased to greatly increased engine noise

Hi Way Bande offers:

Bosal exhausts (all the connectors, pipes, silencers, mufflers, gaskets, clamps as well as mounting kits) Also other Bosal after-market products such as tow bars, roll bars, bull bars and more. We do the mounting/installation as well.

BTM exhausts as well as after-market products like roll bars, tow bars, bull bars, etc.

We also build free flow exhausts which are designed for looks as well as increased power and efficiency. Made of 100% stainless steel, they look sporty and trendy. They weigh less than standard exhaust systems, thus in a way lead to less fuel consumption and better acceleration.

Let Hi Way Bande enhance your vehicle’s safety as well as its appearance with these Bosal or BTM products.

Exhaust & Tow Bars at Hi Way Tyres