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Hi Way Bande ensures an efficient and safe driving experience to our clients since we understand the basics of tyres. Tyres, together with all related components such as suspension systems, brakes and rims, are our speciality. For the convenience of the client, we include a variety of other products such as batteries, exhausts, wipers and various other car accessories.


The tyres are the only contact the vehicle has with the road, therefore it is extremely important to invest in the best tyres you can afford. ..Read more

Hi Way Bande


The battery supplies the necessary current to the starter motor as well as the ignition system to start the engine. Modern vehicles have ...Read more

Shocks .

Suspension & Shocks

The suspension system of a vehicle consists of the springs located in the front and back of the vehicle. Its main function is keeping the car firm and steady...Read more

Mags, Rims & Alloy Wheels

The word ‘mags’ comes from the material wheels were made of, which is magnesium and is very light. But, because of its propensity to catch fire...Read more

Exhausts & Tow Bars

The purpose of the exhaust system on your vehicle is to carry harmful gases away from the engine. This is done through a system of pipes and silencers...Read more

Windscreen Wipers

Brakes, Wipers & Car Accessories

Nobody needs to be told what catastrophic events can result from brake failure. Brakes are meant to slow down or stop a vehicle which means the faster...Read more

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