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The first priority of Hi Way Bande, is the safety of our clients, closely followed by the satisfaction of our clients. Expect professional, up to date and reliable advice from our skilled and experienced staff at any of our branches. For clarity on any of our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact the branch nearest to you. Even better, pay us a visit and experience our friendly service first hand.


Hi Way Bande is a tyre dealer and repair shop offering tyre related services such as wheel alignment, wheel balancing and tyre repair. We are very serious about client service, therefore we offer a 24/7 assistance service at the scene of the emergency. Furthermore we provide general repairs such as brake pads and exhausts. Your safety is our concern, thus we offer free tyre and safety checks.

Wheel Alighnment Service

Wheel Alignment

Since we are in the tyre business, our wheel alignment service is one of our specialities. Wheel alignment is done to balance steering, stability and front end cornering as well as prevent tyre abrasion...Read more

Wheel Balancing Service.

Wheel Balancing

The purpose of wheel balancing is to eliminate vibration on the steering wheel as well as noise in the car. An unbalanced wheel puts additional stress on your vehicle and also increases vibration...Read more

Tyre Repair Service

Tyre Repair

Tyres need to be replaced when there is severe tyre erosion as well as when it is too damaged to be repaired. We recommended that you consult with the professionals in such cases. ..Read more

Windscreen Wipers

Brakes, Wipers & General services

Hi Way Bande is not a retail shop selling brakes, wipers and other car accessories. The products we supply, form part of our workshop where the main focus is on tyres and tyre related services...Read more

Shocks .

Suspensions, Shocks, Exhausts, etc.

Not only do we carry suspension systems, shocks, exhausts, etc. of Bosal and BTM, but we can also install/mount them for you. Hi Way Bande build, as well as fit special suspensions for 4x4 vehicles...Read more

Free safety check.

Free Tyre & Safety check

We are concerned about your safety as well as that of your family. For this very reason Hi Way Bande offers a free inspection of your vehicle. Bring your car in regularly to be tested and heed to the expert advice offered by our experienced staff...Read more

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